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Digital marketing vs online marketing

Digital marketing vs online marketing – what is the difference?

By Adrian Iscru - Aug 21, 2017

Digital Marketing Vs. Internet Marketing

Knowing what digital marketing vs online marketing – also knowing what traditional marketing versus digital marketing is important. It can help you design your general marketing strategy accordingly. Furthermore, is helping you decide what traditional marketing aspects can benefit your business and how to shape your online marketing. It can also enable you to assess the strategy you are currently using by classifying where your marketing endeavours lie. This way you will be able to determine whether your efforts are sustainable long-term. Therefore, you can see if they will produce consistent results or not.

Digital marketing

The term digital marketing is a broad one describing a collection of marketing procedures. They encapsulate any available digital platforms for service or product promotion to develop a digital brand for a business. It is an upgrade from traditional marketing with a significant transition from newspaper and print ads to PPC and Facebook.

Digital Marketing Examples

Examples of digital marketing channels include billboards, text messages, Web television, or Pay per click campaigns. Can also include SEO, mobile marketing, email marketing, banner placement, social media platforms, websites, or anything else digitally related.

Online marketing

Online marketing is a subcategory of digital marketing and it is also called internet marketing. Actually, it is a very important constituents of digital marketing considering that most digital marketing strategies fall within its borders. The primary feature of online marketing is that a live internet connection is required for it to function. Online marketing also revolves around technology and to some, it may seem daunting because of the skillset and terminology required by some internet marketing systems. In online marketing, you need to develop your online presence and convert the traffic resulting into sales. The four primary marketing approaches used include:

  1. search engine placement using keyword groups
  2. establishing web stores
  3. purchasing pay-per-click ads for campaigns
  4. building a website

Why use online marketing?

More people are using various digital devices to access the internet for content they can interact with. This is where understanding digital marketing vs online marketing can help. Businesses communicate with potential customers via online platforms that they frequent allowing them to influence their buying decisions. It is all about how often users connect with various brands. This is because customers develop positive opinions about a business’ services or products from reading blog content. Video ads are more interactive as they convince the viewers to make a decision about whether to consider your business. Customers can also get coupons for regional or local stores via apps on their smartphones.

Let’s recap:

As indicated, internet marketing forms a significant part of digital marketing. Also, digital marketing covers a wide range of offline and online tactics all designed to enhance digital engagement. Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization – or simply SEO, and Internet marketing are primary fundamentals of digital marketing. This is the best way to take off your business and grow it through the combination of these three strategies. SEO involves formatting of content and websites to boost search rankings using targeted keywords searched by users.

Content marketing is the development of resources that provide your customers with value. Online resources could include guides, videos, photos, or blogs and they all help to develop your brand awareness. Take some online digital marketing courses to boost your chances when setting the online marketing campaign for your business. Also, consider any digital marketing course or any internet marketing seminar as an investition in you business. Because this can definitely improve your knowledge about digital marketing vs online marketing or traditional marketing vs digital marketing. Moreover, you can make more informed decisions about what internet marketing system will bring the most benefits to your business.


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