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Internet Marketing Scams

Internet Marketing Scams – the nature of scam and how to avoid

By Adrian Iscru - Nov 29, 2017

Internet Marketing Scams

If you’re interested in making money online, you’re probably worried that there are so many scams. The scams are definitely there, but also note that it isn’t that easy to make money online. So, do not worry if you only manage to sell a single product in a whole month. There is no guarantee and most people are suffering from the same thing. There are several innovative methods that come up every day regarding online marketing scams, some of them include:

  1. Getting you into a sales funnel
  2. Fake marketing
  3. Get rich quick scams

1. Getting you into a sales funnel

Some sites insist on creating an account or filling in your email somewhere. This leads to you being on another company’s sales funnel and getting hundreds of spam messages afterwards. Despite the fact that it may seem harmless this is a very common scam. Just try for a second to imagine your inbox filled with tons of promotions. Going the point that you can’t access your ordinary mail. Email marketing can be a nuisance. When looking for some affordable internet marketing methods, be cautious when approaching so many free advertising sites or different affiliate programs claiming that can offer free business advertising to you. Especially when you have to give your details, such as your name or email address in exchange for something. You should carefully choose the internet marketing solutions that you decide to adopt for your organization


2. Fake Marketing

There are companies that market fake products and services. Their main focus in internet marketing is selling a product or service. What most scammers do is to make up service and products, sometimes creating a portfolio making them look legit. There are also referees who make the system seem even more authentic and reliable. At the end of the day, the only side that profits is the scammer’s’.

3. Get Rich Quick Scams

There are those that claim to know how to get rich online, don’t fall for this. They will have several enticing claims, but it is all a huge lie. When you register, you are asked to pay a certain amount of money. And promised a return that will multiply that. No matter your current financial state, do not send money to any of these suspicious sites. Most ask for a registration fee to unlock your vast well of wealth. The only thing you will actually be unlocking will be a journey to poverty.

Tips to Avoid Internet Marketing Scams

1. Avoid western union. You would rather make a transaction via your visa card because there is a paper trail that can be followed. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, you can use the charge back process to get your money back. Very few scammers use visa cards because of this.

2. Don’t get too excited. Are you looking for a job? Then don’t get so hyped up over every ‘opportunity’ you see and sign up. Evaluate to ensure that it is trustworthy.

3. Change your mentality. How often does a random person walk up to you and offer $5 million? The same principle applies online, no one is generous enough to give out free money. Please think twice before becoming a prey.
The internet is the biggest marketing tool, so you need to be vigilant when using it. There are several deals that look glittery and promising, but always think twice when it sounds too good. From the internet marketing scams exposed above it is safer to be suspicious than losing your money to a fraud.


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