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Mobile SEO, link building, importance of voice search and structured data

By Adrian I - Oct 04, 2017

Search Engine Placement

SEO Marketing

When it comes to using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in marketing, change is the only constant thing. Obviously, it is hard to keep pace with these ever-evolving SEO trends, so fast that it is difficult for someone to take care of them in a short amount of time.

SEO marketing is using SEO tools to generate leads, traffic and sales for your product or service. It is all about visibility and attention in this present age of website and content proliferation.

Meanwhile, using SEO as an Internet Marketing tool comes with the understanding of some major attributes of SEO and of Internet marketing systems and its components are working together. Therefore, the appropriate mix of these attributes would lead into a sound SEO Marketing for any product or service and open unexpected opportunities of advanced internet marketing advanced internet marketing when it comes to improving your search engine placement optimization.

Mobile SEO is the new trend

These days, mobile search has become a profound part of people’s lives. At the same time, Google wants to reflect the user’s needs, whatever happens. Though, Google recently announced that it will begin testing the mobile device indexing strategy. This decision has been implemented to some extent after considering the usability of mobile devices as a classification factor. Although there has been much controversy about it, 2018 is just the year when a trigger is triggered in search engine results. Then comes the importance of the mobile version of your website as Internet marketer.

With Accelerated Mobile Pages, you can now load web pages faster in a mobile way. That is why Google has introduced it to improve the load time of your page on any device. This affects the performance of a page in the SERP with interactions and conversions. The case studies show that implementing the MPA improves the user experience and factors such as CTR and bounce rates. Even if AMP is not a classification factor now, it could be so soon. If you are looking for some top search engine placement, it is now the time to start considering Accelerated Mobile Pages as part of your internet marketing system.

Link building is not dead, but stronger

Another important thing to know is Link Building (the placement of your website links on the web). These days, you may find that some SEOs claim that the link building strategy is weak or worse. But, the truth is, this strategy is not dead, but requires good planning, hard work and patience. It’s more about winning your links than building them. Since good quality backlinks are among the top ranking factors, you will also discover the direct correlation of website rankings with your backlink profiles. While plenty search engine placement services – including link building services – are available online, you should not employ any search engine placement company, but you should try your best to win yourself high quality backlinks for your website.

Voice search is new!

Siri and Cortana have already conquered our hearts thanks to their immediate and uninterrupted help. Similarly, Amazon Echo and Google Home allow us to shop for free. Recently, the accuracy of speech recognition seems to increase.

With all due respect for the comfort this speech recognition offers, it is also less frustrating to look for something on social networks. At the beginning, there would be at least one unique voice search per week for each person. Over time, however, searches have increased three or four times. As a result, researchers conclude that the importance of voice search remains intact and could account for about 50% of search queries. Therefore, as an Internet marketer, you are expected to voice-search keywords in your content e.g. “the best car wash near you…”

Structured data play an important role

In this age of the Internet, structured data is much underrated. But it’s also a great way to easily track your website and it’s also easier for search engines to index your content in a very short time.

There have been many changes in the presentation of the data in the SERPs. Features include immediate and relevant answer, relevant context, useful nuances and visualization in the search results. Everything depends on the organization of the data in a clear and logical way.

With the importance of increasing the user experience each day, so too does the design of the SERP. Structured design becomes fundamental. Then you should take the structured data into account to a large extent in your SEO marketing.

Track your budget

The tracking of budget is about optimizing your website from the inside out. It should look attractive to your visitors, and search robots should also find it attractive. This also affects the number of pages crawled, indexed and updated by Google or one of the major search engines. It’s your responsibility to keep your website in good condition and not to waste the tracking budget. This will also enable Google to crawl your site more often, taking advantage of its ranking factors.

Prioritizing quality content above the quantity of content

Change is just the constant thing when it comes to SEO and SEO Marketing. But in the midst of all changes, the importance of the content remains intact. But this time you have to focus more on the quality of the content than on the quantity. In fact, content optimization goes beyond keywords and requires a complex approach. When people are searching for something, like “how to get rich online” for an instance, they want relevant, quality content and even step by step advice of how to get rich online for free, or fast and so on, without the surrounding non-sense content.


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