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Types of Internet Marketing

What are different types of internet marketing?

By Adrian I - Dec 02, 2016

Types Of Internet Marketing

An online presence is an essential element for any business today. It enables customers and potential customers to find your business, even if it is local and small. Marketers are constantly approaching new types of internet marketing strategies drive additional traffic to their websites.

Internet marketing means finding the ideal combination of online strategies that attracts your target market to make real sales. The science of doing so includes analysis and research in the selection of strategies for using and evaluating the success of such strategies. Digital Marketing versus Internet Marketing or Online Marketing is often confusing. This is a generic term that refers to the use of digital platforms, devices or channels to develop your marketing.

Here are some types of internet marketing to consider:


Use a blog to talk to your customers while keeping them up to date on your services or products. We use blogs to give advice and useful feedback. Microblogs are included in this category. as a subdivision of typical blogs and are part of short text updates that are sent via social networks, instant messaging or email.

Mobile Marketing

The use of the phone, especially the use of smartphones, is increasing rapidly and people still go with them. This allow mobile advertising, including text messaging, as a fast ans easy to communicate with potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

This approach uses social networking platforms, namely Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, to market online. Social networks are conversations that require the company’s active participation rather than just serving ads for their services and products.

Email Marketing

This strategy is very effective. You create a list of email subscribers. And these subscribers may be interested in purchasing your services or products. You can use emails that are specifically designed to be updated in special offers, upcoming events, and company news. We can send personalized products / services or newsletters that fit the needs of the customer.

Online Advertising

Banner ads are common on the Internet. There are several other options, ranging from text ads to interstitials. These are websites that appear after or before the expected content pages. Some social media platforms have their own advertising platforms like Facebook.

Search Engine Marketing

This includes SEM / Search Engine Marketing or SEO / Search Engine Optimization. SEO gives you a higher search ranking when potential customers search for keywords that fit with your product offerings. Moreover, proper SEO bring completely free traffic after some time and effort. SEM, on the other hand, is generally search engine marketing for a pay-per-click rate. Search engines like Google show the commercial website ad when users enter one of their keywords when searching. SEM statistics provide the best feedback for businesses about the effectiveness of their ads. That is, how often their ads clicked on the number of page views with ads (rate) clicks).

Whatever the methods you use for your web marketing strategy, consider a healthy combination of different advanced internet marketing strategies. Simple, yet very effective ways to get the desired result are within your reach. Think of social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing and so on. Also, try to make the best use of different types of internet marketing techniques. Combine these with proper seo and other internet marketing strategies. Remember the difference between digital and internet, such as digital marketing vs online marketing or digital marketing vs internet marketing.


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